From an enthusiastic developer with many years of industry experience.

For process engineers, laboratory, quality assurance, - and salespeople in the candle industry.

Up to 5 flames in

one measurement


Export measurement data

with two finger tips

Measurement time

of several days


Determine Burning time

of each candle easily




Number of flames will be detected automatically

Export of measurement images


With or without flame marks


in real time


Up to 29 measurement per second on an iPhone 6s and 5 flames




With correct setup deviations are smaller than 1 mm. Display of flame height in steps of 0.1 mm

CandleApp with restricted abilities is available for free.

The commercial version may be leased for some time.

Project management

Taking images automatically

Quick view mode

Candle App is available in two versions


Version 1: FreeToUse (FTU)

for free use with build-in upgrade function


  • One candle only
  • Measuring time 1 minute
  • No data export


Version 2: SoftwareAsAService (SAAS)

fee-based with professional support

Measurement can easily be exported.

Several data formats are available.

Analysis by Microsoft Excel®

Two candles


  • Burning time: 15 minutes
  • Number of measurements: 900
    (One measurement per sekond)


Three candles


  • Burning time: 120 minutes
  • Measurement rate: 1 minute

CandleApp is a universal app.

It was developed for iPad® and iPhone®.


Very simple setup

  • Rapid measurement out of hand
  • Up to 5 candles
  • Apple iPhone and iPad with iOS 9
  • Stand recommended
  • Optional: Computer to analyse
    exported data

The height of the flame is always defined

vertically from top to bottom


Top of the flame

Top of flame is defined as follows:


  • Top of flame is, where the width of the flame is bigger than 5% of it’s maximum width

Bottom of the flame

Bottom of flame is defined as follows:


  • The location where the color of the wick changes from black to white

  • If wick isn’t shown in the image, the flame’s transition from bright to dark is used instead where 20% of the maximum brightness is reached
  • Sun or it’s reflections spoil the image
  • View too steep from above
  • Image taken from a greater distance
  • Flame covered by a distorting glass

Measurement not possible

  • Select a project
  • Start of the measurement process
  • Adjust focus and exposure time
  • Fix the flames position
  • Start of measurement mode
  • Wait for measurement process to finish
  • Leaving of measurement mode

Machine Vision

by CST GmbH.



Candle App

Professional candle flame measurement

via app.

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  • Minimum and maximum flame height
  • standard deviation
  • Image of each measurement
  • Graphics of measurement data as flame height or wick progress may be zoomed
  • CSV-file to import in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers


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